Distribution characteristics of barite resources in China

China’s barite resource ranks first in the world and is concentrated in distribution. The 82th of the identified reserves are distributed in five provinces: Guizhou (34%), Hunan (21 ~ 22%), Guangxi (14%), Gansu (7%), and Shaanxi (6%).

Barite deposits in China are relatively simple and can be divided into three types: sedimentary type hydrothermal type and residual slope type.

  • Sedimentary type is the most important deposit type, and the accumulative resource reserves account for 67. 7%. It is mainly concentrated in Cambrian, followed by Devonian, with the advantages of large scale and easy mining.
  • The accumulative resource reserves of hydrothermal barite deposits account for 31. 3%. 0, mainly small and medium ore deposits, mainly in Ordovician, Devonian and Triassic, often associated with other minerals.
  • The accumulative identified resource reserves of residual slope type barite deposit are only 1.4, and the scale is small, only in Quaternary.
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