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There are many Barium Sulfate Supplier in worldwide to offer kinds of barium sulfate, however only few suppliers can offer the best quality super white grade barite for paint. The reason is that because of their mines do not have condition to offer the rich barite mines. The main component of barite is barium sulfate(BaSO4), which is a common mineral in industrial production. The common barite is usually in the form of crystals, such as tubular, so the barite can be gathered to present roses. The form of flowers. Barite has a variety of colors, such as light white, light yellow, etc. Its usage is also very extensive.In this article we will discuss about the application of barium sulfate in paint industry.

In the paint industry, white barite powder fillers can increase film thickness, strength and durability. Zinc antimony pigments are also used in the manufacture of white paints, which have more advantages than lead white and magnesium white. Barite used in the paint industry requires sufficient fineness and high whiteness. Usually barium sulfate supplier offer the fineness white barite powder(barium sulfate power)form 300 mesh to1250 mesh with the lowest whiteness 95%. The paper industry, rubber and plastics industries also use white barite powder as a filler, which improves the hardness, wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber and plastics. White barite powder fillers for paint, rubber and paper making generally require BaSO4 content to be greater than 98% and CaO to be less than 0.36%. Magnesium oxide, lead and other components are not allowed.

1. White barium sulfate powder for Paint and thick coating

Barite powder has high filling properties and can be applied to all coating series, such as primer, thick coating and other types. Its low specific surface area and particle size fraction and flowability make the barite powder in the process. With low wear, barium sulphate is recommended for automatic primer surface layers and maintains good uniformity and smoothness even at high fill levels.

2.White barium sulfate power for top-coat/finishing coat

White Barite powder is superior to most other fillers, especially in chemical resistant coatings. It is inert, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic intermediary. Excellent gloss and fineness of the particles allow the topcoat to be protected from prolonged exposure. Barium sulfate is recommended for topcoats which increase surface hardness, color and stability.

3.White barium sulfate power for Latex paint/ emulsion paint

Due to the high specific gravity, barite powder can only be used in latex paints, mainly for high gloss and silk paint, and is known as “acid resistant” latex paint. It has acid resistance even when exposed. The easy dispersibility of barite powder, optical rotation and easy retention can increase its chemical properties. Barium sulfate can be used in high gloss paints and latex paints.

4.White barium sulfate powder for printing ink
The printing ink usually request for the finest white barium sulfate powder. Many Chinese barite supplier can not offer this grade because of their mill machine can not make such super fine which reach to D50 0.5-1.0 um. With the low abrasion, high gloss and color stability, low cohesiveness and flow ability, the barite powder is suitable for high quality printing inks, barium sulfate recommended for high optical efficiency inks.

5.White barium sulfate powder for power coating
Used in powder coatings, barite powder improves gloss, flow, filling and compatibility with pigments

As a professional white barite powder supplier, Sinoke is used in advanced production lines and strict testing measures. Because the main source of mine comes from China’s largest and best barite mine area – Guizhou. Our raw materials are extracted and have a high basic quality. Sinoke sincerely hope to have the opportunity to become your raw material supplier.

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