Barium Sulfate Supplier in china:what is barium sulfate

As a professional Barium sulfate supplier in china- Sinoke material showing the following date to let you know clear about barite:


1.Type and characteristics of barite ore


Ore typeOre characteristicsMajor minerals and associated minerals
Sedimentary typeBlocky striped bean grainBarite, Quartz, Clay, Pyrite
Hydrothermal typeGrey or WhiteBarite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite,fluorite
Volcanic sedimentary typeBarite, Siderite
Residual slope typeEasy to use, high qualityBarite



  1. The main properties of barite minerals
Ore NameChemical formulaChemical componentsDensity


Moh’s hardnessCrystalShapeColor
BariteBaSO4BaO,65.7 SO3,34.34.2-4.525-3.5ItalicPlate or columnGrey or White


  1. Main use of barite
Application fieldMain usageMark
Oil drillingDrilling mud weighting agentCool the drill bit, lubricate the drill pipe, increase pressure and prevent blowout
Chemical UsageManufacture of cerium oxide, cerium carbonate, cerium chloride, cerium nitrate, precipitated barium sulfate, barium hydroxide
GlassDeoxidation, fluxingIncrease the optical stability, gloss and strength of the glass
Rubber, Plastic, PaintFiller, brightener
Building materialAnti-radiation cement







  1. Quality requirements for barite powder for oil drilling


ITMETech data
Density  g/cm3≥4.2
Size  -200mesh




Water soluble,%≤0.1
BaSO4, %≥90


  1. Grade classification of chemical barite
GradeItem %
BaSO4SiO2Fe2O3Al2O3Water soluble


  1. Quality requirements for barite powder for paints, etc



Paint90-95%0.05>325Super white
Rubber>98<0.36few>325Can not have Mn, Cu, Pb


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