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Sinoke sincerely looks forward to becoming one of barium sulfate supplier in china and create a bright future for you!


Sinoke have the best barite mine resources in china, which with high BaSO4 content and whiteness. Using the advanced mill machine can meet kinds of request.


With Strict and reasonable production plan, the factory is very close to the main road and train station. We can sent the goods to the port on time.


The request of clients can be feedback within 24 hours. With customization service, sinoke can offer the satisfied solution plan.

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As aprofessional barium sulfate suppliers, Sinoke Material has the strongest back-up and represents the largest barite powder and barium sulfate producer in China. We offer best qualified barium sulfate to our customers worldwide. Through advanced barite processing equipment, we can provide kinds of nano barium sulfate, white barite powder,barite mineral and Precipitated barium sulfate which widely use in Drilling fluids, white pigment for paints, Paper brightener, Plastics filler, Powder coating.

Barium sulphate(BaSO4) is a chemical filler, which is also a high desity mineral with a low surface area. Baryte powder is also a radiopaque agent. With all of these characteristics, barium sulphate becomes an amazing and high-performance filler and is used for paintings, coatings, TiO2 extension, brake pads, ink, rubber, golf balls, Polymers, Plastics, Pvc, Polyurethanes, Elastomer, and X-ray contrast applications.

Superwhite Barium Sulfate

Widely used as filler in painting and coating, plastic, rubber, ceramic, ink, paper making industry and so no.

Drilling Grade

Widely used as body paint in the paint industry such as topcoat, ready mixed paint, powder coating, high solid coating, printing ink, latex paints and all kinds of industrial paints

Chemical Grade Barium Sulfate.

widely used as filler in plastic, rubber,ceramic,paper making,chemical fiber and so on. It can be also used to make other barium compounds.

Blanc Fixe

Widely used in coating  (water-base,oil-base & powder coating), printing inks, Paper, engineer plastic (shell of household appliance, engineer plastic) ,electrical insulating plastic, rubber products, storage battery cathode expanding agent

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Think big, make better- Sinoke Material

Sinoke is a professional supplier of barium sulfate natural and precipitated.

Facilitized with high-tech machines, Sinoke mainly focus on developing, producing and marketing of barite which is used for coatings,paintings, rubber, pvc, plastic and ect..

Sinoke sincerely looks forward to becoming one of your suppliers and create a bright future for you!

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